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The Commissionerate has two ICDs under its jurisdiction, namely Tughlakabad and Patparganj. The custodians for these these ICDs are Container Corporation of India (CONCOR) and Central Warehousing Corporation (CWC) respectively.

As Inland Container Depot, ICD, Tughlakabad,/Patparganj is a common user facility with public authority equipped with fixed installation and offering services for handling and temporary storage of import / export laden and empty container carried under customs transit by any applicable mode of transport placed under Customs control.

All activities related to clearance of goods for home consumption, warehousing, re-export for onward transit and outright export transshipment, take place from such stations.



With a view to bring the facilities of transportation and Customs clearance of import and export cargo at the doorstep of importers and exporters, an Inland Container Depot was set up at Pragati Maidan in 1983 under the control of an  Assistant Collector of Customs.  Indian Railways were nominated the custodian of the goods.  In 1984, a Container Freight Station (CFS) was also opened at Patparganj which was an extension of ICD, Pragati Maidan and Central Warehousing Corporation was nominated as its custodian. M/s. Container Corporation of India Ltd. (CONCOR) was set up which took over the responsibilities of custodian from Indian Railways for ICD: Pragati Maidan.  Within a decade of its inception, the volume of work at ICD had increased to such an extent that it became difficult to handle it at Pragati Maidan.  It was then decided (in 1983) to shift the venue of ICD from Pragati Maidan to its present location i.e. at Tughlakabad.  In 1995, the CFS : Patparganj was upgraded to a full fledged ICD with C.W.C. continuing as custodian of the goods.  Movement of containers by road was also permitted in addition to the movement of containers by rail through Tughlakabad. 

Brief Introduction:

ICD, Tughlakabad (TKD) caters to the need of importers and exporters based in Northern India. It is situated near Okhla Industrial Area and is spread over 44 hectares of land. It has three storied Administrative block housing Offices of Customs, CONCOR, Bank, Shipping Lines, CHAs and Surveyors. Four full length rail lines are available in the Customs area which bring the containers by train from Gateway ports such as Mumbai, Nhava Sheva, Chennai, besides bringing the containers by road from other ports such as Haldia, Calcutta and Kandla, etc. ICD, TKD is equipped with most modern facilities such as rail mounted gantry of 40 metric empty lifting capacity, rubber tyre diesel powered cranes, billoties and lift trucks, etc. Two covered sheds, one for import and another for export with a total area of 16,000 sq. mts. has been provided in the Customs area for stuffing and de-stuffing of import and export goods. With these facilities, ICD, TKD, New Delhi, has developed into the largest hub of multi-modal transport in the Indian sub-continent.

All commodities being imported through ICD, include un-denatured ethyl alcohol, poly resins, ethylene – vinyl acetate copolymers, unwrought nickel, linear low density polyethylene, accessories of the motor, plastics and articles, copper rods, copper wire. On export side, major items being exported through ICD are leather garments and leather products, readymade garments, machinery and agricultural products etc.

In the premise of ICD, there is a service Centre run by M/s CMC Ltd. and Punjab National Bank, to provide all services to the trade at one place.


The Inland Container Depot, Patparganj, Delhi came into existence on 29.11.1984. The operation of ICD, Patparganj is handled by M/s Central Warehousing Corporation (CWC) who have been appointed Custodians under section 45 of the Customs Act, 1962, ICD, Patparganj is situated over a total area of 40,469 sq. mtr. The total area is further marked for Import / Export Warehouse, loaded container yard. Empty container yard and administrative blocks for CWC and Customs.

In the premise of ICD, Patparganj, there is a service Centre run by M/s CMC Ltd. and Punjab National Bank, to provide all services to the trade at one place. This port mainly caters to the needs to actual users who are importing or exporting less than container load goods. The import and export activities at this ICD, have increased many fold since its establishment because this ICD caters to the Industrial areas of Delhi and Noida. Owing to increased air freight charges and demurrage and handing changes at the Air Cargo Stations, trade has shifted their operation to ICD, Patparganj.

Recently at this ICD, Customs have introduced advanced System of ICES 1.5 for clearance of Import and Export Cargo. The earlier version of Electronic data interchange had been upgraded from ICES 1.0 to ICES 1.5. This version is a step toward uniform procedure across the country and providing services to the trade with latest technology.